Description of Internship

My internship was with a gym out in rural Pennsylvania. The gym is called Garage Strength, which has many online clients. My supervisor was Caitlin Miller, the second person in charge at the gym. She was responsible for online clients. My role was to help create workplace information and learning material for the gym clients. The assignment I completed for the company was a syllabus for the interns, job aid, lesson plan for athletes, needs assessment, and the final report, which contained progressions exercises.


In creating the syllabus, I asked a lot of questions about what was required and some ideas of what you want in the syllabus for the interns to follow. It was created to organize the program and ensure they understand the due dates and what is responsible for the internship.

Needs Assessment

Another activity was the needs assessment. This was to figure out what problems were faced with the clients and ask questions to figure out if I could create something to help. Completing a questionnaire and then analyzing the data with the common occurrence in beginners not understanding exercises. This then led to my final project, the Garage Strength progression document.

Lesson Plan

The lesson plan was created to show my supervisor how the information would be presented to the learners needing help with the exercise—a verbal description of the activity to show them how to do it properly. I was asking the experts about the lift and how they would describe how to teach it.

Job Aid

The job aid was a checklist for the employees to make sure everything would be cleaned up weekly. Creating the job aid allows them to double-check if they have done everything for the week to hold them accountable.

Garage Strength Progressions:

In the final report was the Garage Strength progressions document. It was a combination of almost all the assignments in a copy. The job aid was created to give the learner an understanding of the exercise in step-by-step progress with descriptions and videos of the movements.

As I reflect on my internship, I grew as an instructional designer and a professional in the workplace. My supervisor challenged me in creating quality content and withholding the instructional designer's standards and analyzing and figuring out what the learner would need then creating content that will benefit all parties. In my internship, I learned how long and how many questions it takes to figure out how to create the proper instructional design in the workplace. Also, I knew how critical communication skills are needed to organize and set up all the projects to make the process smooth. As the internship went on, I was held accountable to complete tasks, and my supervisor held me accountable. Modifying and adjusting education technology techniques I learned through real-world projects to benefit the learners.